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The River
The River


Some years from now, the name Jordan Feliz might be the obvious answer to a trivia question that goes something like this:

What artist launched his career as a hard-touring heavy metal singer, then switched gears to become a church worship leader, before finally signing a Nashville record deal and making his mark as a songwriter and soulful R&B-groove-pop artist?

Well, if the question comes up some day, you’ll already know the answer: Jordan Feliz.

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Jordan Feliz | "Wounds"

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Jordan Feliz shares, "Would you believe me if I said, you’re not beyond repair? Would you believe me if I told you, that I’ve been right there." Oringal Master MultiTracks are now available for Jordan Feliz' new song "Wounds"! "This song is, by far, the most vulnerable song I have ever released. Let my life be the proof that when you allow God access into the hurt, into the shame, into the trauma… He comforts, He restores, He heals," Jordan continues.


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