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Before Higher Vision church recorded its worship album For Your Kingdom — before the southern California congregation’s heart-touching songs became what they are today — one all- important question was asked. “What is the sound of our team, our family, our church?”

One answer is how the album comes to life. An excited crowd begins to cheer with anticipation. Then instrumental snippet “Continuum” launches into standout track “Higher,” and it bursts through the speakers. Bass. Guitar. Electronica keyboards. Pulsating drums duel with a saxophone.

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Higher Vision Worship - "Even So (Amen)"

Friday, May 24, 2019

Even So (Amen) is the newest release from Higher Vision Worship. Higher Vision Worship’s music fits suitably into the “worship” genre with energetic, impassioned songs that have been recorded live during various worship sessions. The three-track EP is grounded in a timeless message and is intended to speak to multi-generational, contemporary Christian audiences. The Extended Play features the well-liked single similarly named “Even So (Amen).” The title track is a congregational favorite of the EP, where listeners can experience the sound of pop-influenced hooks, dynamic guitar melodies, and emotive lyrics.

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