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Elle Limebear has lived her life between two worlds. As the daughter of Delirious? frontman, Martin Smith, Elle has experienced first-hand the thrill of stadiums filled with people while on tour around the world. As a worship leader and youth pastor in Brighton, UK, she is immersed in a close-knit, daily ministry within her community. She grew up seeing the global church and her local churchworshipping God simultaneously.

"There I was, overcome with emotion in a sea of people worshiping God with everything inside of them. This wasn’t a new experience for me,but this time it was different than all of the times before. God had just injected me with a new dream. I had heard him say, 'I am going to lead you in something similar to this.' With that revelation came a rush of new ideas, new ambitions, andsongs.”

That was at Outcry Festival 2017.

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Elle Limebear - "Lost in Wonder"

Monday, March 2, 2020

Elle Limebear has released her first full-length LP Lost In Wonder which is the follow-up to her self-titled debut 2019 EP. “These past few years I’ve been writing, recording and working on my debut album,” Elle shares about her new 20-song compilation. “It’s been an incredible journey that started way back in 2017. This project is a collection of my revelations from being a young girl until now. We can’t escape the wonder of God’s glory and creation, it’s everywhere—we just have to open our eyes. We’ve been brought from being lost in darkness to light. But to be lost in wonder is to be lost in the wondrous light of God.”

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