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Truly compelling music makes the personal universal. Few artists have done that more consistently or more movingly than Big Daddy Weave. Through more than a decade of hits like "In Christ,” “Audience of One,” "You're Worthy Of My Praise," “Every Time I Breathe,” What Life Would Be Like,” and “You Found Me,” they have shared the journey in a way that has won the ongoing respect of fans, press and industry alike. Their musical journey began with a Dove Awards nomination as New Artist of the Year in 2002 and includes a 2010 Dove Award for the album Christ Has Come. They have been honored at ASCAP's Christian Music Awards, were chosen for the WOW Hits compilations in five of the last six years and are one of the 10 most played artists at Christian radio over the past decade.

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Big Daddy Weave - When the Light Comes

Monday, January 27, 2020

Last Fall, Big Daddy Weave, one of the most beloved bands in Christian music, released 12-song album When The Light Comes. Known for honest songs that tell personal stories of freedom in Christ, Big Daddy Weave fans have long admired the band for their particular brand of real-life, real-person openness. While working through their hardest season ever, an underlying current of rejoicing broke through, and the result is an album that radiates joy. As bassist Jay Weaver puts it, “Only Jesus can turn sorrow into joy.” When The Light Comes is a collection of soul-baring testimonies and joy-inducing anthems.

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