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Call it life feeding art. Call it truth in advertising. Call it a vintage Francesca moment. It happened as Francesca Battistelli was working on the follow-up to My Paper Heart, one of the most joyful and successful national debuts in recent memory, and it provides a telling glimpse into the mindset that makes her art so powerfully uplifting.

"Everything was completely different this time around," she says. "When I made the first record, that's all I was doing with my life—writing and recording, writing and recording. But this time I remember thinking, 'OK, if I can just get through these four things—being pregnant, writing and recording my album, moving to a new city and touring!' There were times when I was like, 'I don't know how I can do this,' but I kept thinking, 'I'll be okay.'"

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NEW from Francesca Battistelli - "Own It"

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Own It, the latest release from multi-award winning artist Francesca Battistelli, is available now. With critics already lauding the album as "exceptional" and "engaging," Battistelli's long-awaited fourth studio album has been in the making for two and a half years. Own It is the follow-up to her GRAMMY-nominated album, If We're Honest, which features the GRAMMY-winning song, "Holy Spirit".

Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for Own It are now available.

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