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Divided Tweed

Brian Carl

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We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This patch requires a Kemper Profiler Amp. These Patches cannot be loaded into a DAW
  2. The purchase of these profiles entitles you to use them on ONE Kemper at a time. You may not share these profiles with anyone else. You cannot resell these profiles in any form. You cannot resample these profiles in any form/format.
  3. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds and Have fun!

    More From Brian Carl

    A boutique take on a late 50's Tweed Deluxe with some modern tweaks that make this amp incredibly versatile. 10 separately captured profiles covering every gain stage as well as a few with some boosted mids/gain engaged by a push/pull volume. These cover a ton of ground and have become another favorite in the lineup.

      13 CJ 1

        13 CJ 2

          13 CJ 3

            13 CJ 4

              13 CJ 5

                13 CJ P 1

                  13 CJ P 2

                    13 CJ P 3

                      13 CJ P 4

                        13 CJ P X

                          Divided Tweed Demo

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