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Simon Kobler - Studio Signature Series


Drum Samples
548.13 MB
Drum Samples
Drum Samples are one-shot recordings of drums which have been mixed and processed ready for you. Your download includes individual WAV files which can be loaded into any supporting software or hardware.

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    This pack boasts two of Simon’s favourite kits captured in stunning rooms with magnificent mics. 

    With Simon Kobler hitting the drums and Sam Gibson mixing the sound, you’re left with the same artist, tools and mix you’ve heard throughout Simon’s career as the drummer for Hillsong United.

    Check out the video below to hear how these drum samples can transform your mixFor those that mightn’t know, Sam Gibson is a brilliant and esteemed mixing engineer and is the predominant mixer for all of the work Simon is responsible for. This pack gives you access to that sound they’ve both perfected over many, many years, as well as the ability to move around the studio room for variations of the sound.


    What's Included

    CYMBALS - 113 samples
    KICK 1 - 30 samples
    KICK 2 - 35 samples
    SNARE 1 - 90 samples
    SNARE 2 - 75 samples
    TOM 1 RACK - 30 samples
    TOM 1 FLOOR - 30 samples
    TOM 2 RACK - 30 samples
    TOM 2 MID - 30 samples
    TOM 3 FLOOR - 30 samples

    As a general rule, each sample is offered in a range of 6 dynamics from soft to hard (S1 is softest, then S2, M1, M2, H1 and then H2 is hardest). 

    Each sample is mixed in 5 modes: 

    Dry - Close mic
    Natural - Blend of close with overheads
    Big - Blend with room
    Room - Room only
    Love - Blend with secret sauce

    Steven Slate Trigger 2 Presets also included.

    Accessing this breakdown of Kobes’ drums gives you the ability to get far more creative with your work and tailor the specific sound to achieve your vision. 

    Check out this video where Kobes chats through this pack and sets the tone: 


      DEMO 1 - Drum Groove

        DEMO 2 - Full Mix

          DEMO 3 - Demo Song

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