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Ultimate Worship IRs

Anthony Catacoli

Impulse Responses
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Impulse Responses

Impulse Responses

We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. An IR loader uses a small audio sample called an impulse response and uses a process called convolution to give whatever audio comes into the loader a very precise replication of what that source would sound like if it was connected to the actual hardware, signal chain, or even the space it was in.
  2. The purchase of this IR entitles one user to use it at a time. You may not share this IR with anyone else. You cannot resale this IR in any form. You cannot resample this IR in any form/format.

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Ultimate Worship IRs is a collection of some of the most popular speaker cabs used in today's modern worship music production.  Each IR is designed to empower the IR loader if your choice with audiophile quality sound and a precise representation of the 5 cabs (each with two versions) used in this collection.

Recorded using dynamic and ribbon mic’s precisely phase aligned and some of the best mic preamps on the market, you will have the best options available for live and in the studio recording. 


Cabinets included in this pack

- Celestion AlNiCo Blue from a Vox AC30HW 2x12
- Celestion Creamback from a Jackson Ampworks 1x12 speaker cab
- Celestion G12M Greenback from a Vox AC15HW 1x12
- Jenson C12N from a Fender Twin Reverb from 1972 2x12
- Celestion Vintage 30 from a 4x12 Mesa Boogie cab from 1998

Mics used

- Shure SM57 on axis
- Royer 121 Ribbon mic on the edge of the cone

V30 - Room

V30 - Dry

JenC12N - Room

JenC12N - Dry

CreamBk - Room

CreamBk - Dry


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