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Ultimate Worship Guitar

Anthony Catacoli

Guitar, Kemper
2.97 MB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This patch requires a Kemper Profiler Amp. These Patches cannot be loaded into a DAW
  2. The purchase of these profiles entitles you to use them on ONE Kemper at a time. You may not share these profiles with anyone else. You cannot resell these profiles in any form. You cannot resample these profiles in any form/format.
  3. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds and Have fun!
This digital product includes presets and patch files that you send to the hardware pedal you plug your guitar into. The settings within the presets have been tweaked, adjusted and tested to achieve the sounds you hear in the audio demos on the product page, but you will experience some variation in tone depending on the guitar that you plug in. Software and hardware compatibility is listed on the tabs just above this text box.

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Introducing the "Ultimate Worship Guitar Kemper Pack" by Anthony Catacoli – your solution to achieving impeccable quick-play tones without the uncertainty.

Crafted and curated for modern worship music, we've captured two iconic late 70s and early 80s amps: the British Vox AC30 on the top boost channel and the Fender Pro Reverb. These coveted tones, paired with distinct speaker options, form the heart of this pack and for the first time, we've profiled amp settings tailored to guitar specific pickups and EQ settings.

Plug into the Kemper and immerse yourself in profiles designed especially for modern worship tones. The pack boasts 28 guitar/pickup-specific profiles and 4 cutting-edge "Liquid Profiles" of the amp and speaker configurations (compatible with Kemper OS 10 firmware and above).

As a bonus, we're including 5 pedalboard starting points. Unleash your inspiration as you plug in and play, drawing from preset settings influenced by renowned players.

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FatBender P90

FatBender Tele


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