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Sunday is Coming (Female Key) By The Worship Initiative

Sunday is Coming (Female Key)

The Worship Initiative - Sunday Is Coming

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V4Verse 4
B1Bridge 1
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Verse 1

A great light dawns in Galilee
Some say madman some say King
Wonder working rebel priest
Jesus Christ the Nazarene

Verse 2

He knew well what it would take
To free us all from sin and grave
A perfect man would have to die
And only He could pay that price


Friday's good 'cause Sunday is coming
Don't lose hope 'cause Sunday is coming
Devil you're done you better start running
Friday's good 'cause Sunday is coming

Verse 3

So He let those soldiers take Him in
As His friend betrayed Him with a kiss
There before the mocking crowd
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Didn't make a sound

Verse 4

Then He carried that cross to Calvary
And He shed His blood
To set us free
As the nails went in
And the sky went dark
The redemption of the world
Was on His heart


Friday's good 'cause Sunday is coming
Don't lose hope 'cause Sunday is coming
Devil you're done you better start running
Friday's good 'cause Sunday is coming

Bridge 1

Then He breathed His last
And bowed His head
The Son of God and Man was dead
With bloody hands tears on their face
They laid Him down inside that grave


But that wasn't the end
That wasn't the end
That wasn't the end
Let me tell you what happened next

Verse 5

The women came before the dawn
To find that stone already gone
When they looked inside the angel said
Why you looking for
The living among the dead


He's alive He's alive
Hallelujah He's alive
Give Him praise lift Him high
Hallelujah He's alive

Bridge 2

Now Jesus reigns upon the Throne
All Heaven sings to Him alone
We watch and wait
Like a bride for a groom
O Church arise
He's coming soon


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