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I Will See the Lord (Land of the Living) By People & Songs

I Will See the Lord (Land of the Living)

People & Songs - The Emerging Sound, Vol. 4

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People & Songs
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The Emerging Sound, Vol. 4 - People & Songs

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Emerging Sound is a dynamic summer songwriting camp hosted by People & Songs that exists to train and equip the next generation of songwriters and worshippers. Recently, People & Songs released The Emerging Sound, Vol. 4: an album that features 15 new songs written and recorded live in the round by People & Songs worship leaders and the students of The Emerging Sound. This newest volume includes such powerful songs as worship ballad "I Will See the Lord (Land of the Living)," featuring Ryan Kennedy and Corey Voss and the soulful anthem, "Living In the Overflow," featuring Charity Gayle and Joshua Sherman. Filled with truth from God's Word and stemming from hearts passionate about bringing Him the highest praise, the songs from The Emerging Sound, Vol. 4 are certain to resonate with the members of your congregation. Stream the album today on Apple Music and lead these songs in your services with the Original Master MultiTracks and other resources, now available at

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