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You Said It By Every Nation Music

You Said It

Every Nation Music - Faithful

V1Verse 1
V2Verse 2
C1Chorus 1
C2Chorus 2
V1Verse 1
V2Verse 2
C1Chorus 1
C2Chorus 2
C1Chorus 1
C2Chorus 2
B1Bridge 1
B2Bridge 2
Original Master
Time Sig:
Male LeadPop
Jon Owens, Kelsie Saison, Erika Murrell, Justin Gray
Every Nation Music

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From the Blog

NEW from Every Nation Music - "Faithful"

Friday, January 4, 2019

We are partnering with Every Nation Music to release their brand new EP, "Faithful". Great is Thy Faithfulness was recorded in four different languages with people from all over South Africa, the Philippines, and North America. Every Nation Music says, "Our main goal is to showcase our global songwriting community by sharing songs about what God is doing in their local churches. With this EP and going into the new year we want to encourage listeners to see life through eyes of great faith!"

Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for "Faithful" are now available.

Read More

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