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Patches makes it easier than ever to find great keyboard sounds. We've partnered with the original patch producers to provide the sounds that were used on the original recording. You can search by song and purchase the patches used on that song, find patches based on tones, and buy bundles from your favorite patch producers. Patches are available in multiple types of software and plugins. With patches you can stop guessing what patch was used on your favorite song, and stop digging through hundreds of presets to find a great sound.


MultiTracks are all of the individual parts or "stems" that make up a song. "Master" indicates the stems were made from the original master recording. Available in 8 keys and engineered for live performance, MultiTracks are available for download in WAV or M4A format to use in any DAW. You can rent MultiTracks in Playback with a Playback Rentals Subscription. Each MultiTrack includes a click and guide track and you can adjust levels and mute and un-mute any track to enhance the sound of your team.


CustomMix® is our web-browser based software which allows you to mix and export any track from our catalog from within in minutes - no DAW required. You can mix your own stereo accompaniment track or auto-pan the click track and guide cues left and the tracks to the right to create your customized mix for live performance. Choose from high quality M4A at 320mbps or highest quality WAV files at 44.1/16. Each CustomMix comes as a zip file which includes four separate files: 1) Click, 2) Guide, 3) Stereo Mix (with no click) 4) AutoPanned Mix with Click/Guide on the left and tracks on the right. MultiTracks Cloud customers with available storage can also process and store get CustomMix files in every available key at no additional charge. All your CustomMix® files will download from your Cloud into Playback with your song sections labeled for you and Pro and Premium Users can edit song sections, loop/infinite loop, while taking advantage of Dynamic Guide Cues.


Playback is a MultiTrack App for your iPhone and iPad which will play any MultiTrack or CustomMix from You can also access your own tracks in Playback that you’ve uploaded to our online cloud storage called MultiTracks Cloud.™ Playback is a free app with Pro and Premium upgrades that unlock more features. The Pro upgrade allows you to edit song arrangements, loop song sections in real-time, and map the control of the app to a MIDI device. With the Premium upgrade you get access to buses that can be routed to multi-channel outputs on any USB Audio Interface listed on our supported devices page. Download today and try a free new song weekly through our in-app promo called "Play of the Week!"

MultiTracks Cloud

MultiTracks Cloud Storage is the easiest way to safely store all your audio files, stems, and MultiTracks in the cloud for archival and for access into our new iPad app Playback. Any content purchased on doesn't need to be uploaded, a Cloud Membership gains you access to all of your content automatically. Now if you're hard drive crashes, you're covered. For all you iPad users, this is your library in the cloud. Manage all your own content and your content all in one place and share amongst the other members of your worship team with Team Sharing. This is truly MultiTracks made easy.

PlaybackAbleton Live


Mixes created from the Original Master Recording. They are available in eight keys with Up and Minus mixes for each part plus the original song The Up Mix is your part elevated in the mix, so you can learn your part. The Minus Mix is your part removed from the mix, so you can rehearse your part. You can rehearse any song directly from, create and share a playlist with your team, or rehearse directly on Planning Center. Help equip your team for amazing rehearsals.

Custom Sessions

Are you an Ableton user that loves the flexibility of Arrangement View but you're not a fan of building a session every week? We'd like to introduce you to Custom Sessions. Choose any number of songs from your account and our servers will create a Custom Session with tempo changes, track names and all your markers done for you and you can download it immediately and drop in your WAV's or M4A in the samples folder and you're good to go.

Custom Sessions is truly a game changer for anyone using Arrangement View in Ableton! I've always wanted the ability to copy and paste and have the locators in a session transfer with the tracks to another session to save time when building my worship sets in Ableton. It's amazing that can now generate a session with all this info in just a few minutes... this is going to be a huge time-saver for many Ableton users!Russell Dunlap
(Lakewood Church | Cindy Cruise Ratcliff)
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Elements are loops that can be used at any tempo, in any major recording software. They are created specifically for worship music and are available in downloadable themed collections. Each Collection has a specific sound and style which means you'll know exactly where to go to find the right sound. They are available in multiple formats so you can use them in almost any software. Elements are simple to use as building blocks for creating your own loops and tracks or work really well as a "filler" loop for any worship song.

I created Elements to be an easy onramp for any musician looking to get started with some basic loops. These collections cover a breadth of styles and tempos and you can use them as the building blocks for creating your own loops and tracks.Will Doggett
( | Austin, TX)
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