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Matt Gilder plays Keys and is the MD for Chris Tomlin. He’s a Texas native who started leading worship in his local church while in high school. In college he along with some friends formed a worship band called Among Thorns. They led worship on campus for about a year, and then hit the road leading worship at events all over America 1996-2000. They eventually signed a record deal and moved to Nashville, TN.

After that season he began playing keys for various Christian artists, which turned into playing on many of their records, and in 2006 he met Chris Tomlin. He was working as a session musician in Nashville and got called to play keys on his “See The Morning” record.

That led to him hitting the road with Tomlin and crew and was invited to come on full time after a few shows. January 1, 2007 was his first official night on the job leading with Chris at the Passion Conference in Atlanta GA. Since then he’s played keys and served as MD for all of his tours, and for all of the Passion conferences and Passion World Tours.

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