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Why Streaming Matters

CATEGORIES: News, Home Page, During Quarantine
Have you found yourself asking, "Why does streaming our services online even matter?" In this video, Kristian Ponsford answers that question with three purposeful reasons. Worship leaders, we pray this encourages you. 3 Reasons Why You and Your Church Should Be Streaming Right Now   1. Your church still might be growing even though your doors are closed. The average church congregation is 7x larger during Covid-19 than it was prior to the pandemic breaking out simply because of online visibility and the number of people that want to check your church out online that might not set foot inside your church doors. Maybe there's some people that have fallen away that don't go to church anymore, but in this time of crisis are looking to hear what you have to say. 2. Your voice has never been more important for your community than it is right now. In a time when our news outlets are full of fear and anxiety and of confusion, we have a message of hope of a God that loves us - and that message has never been more important than it is right now. People online are listening to hear what your church community has to say. Avoid the temptation to think that you don't have to stream because the big churches with the big budgets and the big gear and doing it so well. Believe that your community and your people needs your voice at this time because they do. 3. It's never been easier or more forgiving to stream right now. As a worship leader, I've often been fearful of allowing those times of worship that are so precious in the room to translate online because sometimes they don't always translate well. Where a room can be forgiving, an online stream less so, but right now the whole world is looking for something different! If you watch the news, if you watch an interview, if you watch a late-night chat show you'll see that tons of people are just filming on an iPhone, on a computer screen on a Zoom call, or on a camera from their bedrooms, the lounges or even their kitchens. Right now connection is more important than content. You can start streaming with whatever gear you have and your people will love the fact that you're giving them an opportunity to connect with you and with your church. Whether you do that on Facebook live using an iPhone or whether you connect to camera to a bit of free software, the technology's never been easier either.  
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