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During Quarantine

Why Streaming Matters

Have you found yourself asking, "Why does streaming our services online even matter?" In this video, Kristian Ponsford answers that question with three purposeful reasons. Worship leaders, we pray this encourages you.

5 Tips for Streaming Live Worship

In light of the recent COVID-19 virus, churches around the world are re-imagining their services. More churches than ever before are now moving to streaming online. Until now, our license offered at MultiTracks has only been a “live performance license,” but has not included the use of MultiTracks in an online stream. Our incredible licensing partners recognize this need and they are in full support of any way that they can help churches during this transition. As a result, together with our licensing partners we have agreed to offer our customers a temporary “Gratis License” to grant churches the ability to use any content they have purchased or rented for a live stream until further notice.

Gratis License for Web Streaming

For the past several months we have been in communication with many of our partners about creating a license for the use of Master MultiTracks in the web streaming of live services. As you can imagine, this is a multi-layered issue and we've been working through details to make this possible.

With that said, in light of COVID-19 and the number of churches that are transitioning to online services, we’ve spoken to a number of our partners who have agreed to an immediate gratis license for a period of time to grant churches the ability use any content they have purchased or rented for a live stream this weekend and until further notice. Our incredible partners support the local Church and together we’re doing everything we can to help make this transition smooth for you.

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