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Travis Cottrell - Spirit Rise

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Spirit Rise is the powerful new worship project from Travis Cottrell. Through the years, Travis has been a champion of the worshipping choir and a gifted worship leader ministering to thousands in his home church and events around the US. Spirit Rise is a diverse offering of worship songs tailor-made for the local church that explores every facet of the human spirit and a passionate response to the glory of God. Spirit Rise features guest worship artists like Chris McClarney, Mandisa, and more. This collection is both what you’ve come to expect from Travis and a bold step forward embracing the need for authentic and creative expressions of worship. “It never ceases to be a daunting task as a worshiper to put our measly, finite words together to describe, extol, magnify our infinite, omniscient, perfect God. But we do our best. We offer to Him what we have. And somehow, by His good grace, He receives our meager praise, and we find ourselves in the presence of the Most High God. I’m so grateful for the moments of worship and intimacy with the Lord that led to this collection of songs. And I pray that whoever puts these words and melodies into their hearts and minds will find themselves enraptured by the beauty and the power of our great God,” shares Travis. Spirit Rise - Travis Cottrell
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