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Top Songs for Acoustic Worship Sets

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When you have a stripped back worship set, it's important to maintain sonic authenticity. Finding the right arrangement that provides the instrumentation you need to compliment your worship team setup is key. We've put together a list of the top acoustic songs users are currently enjoying. We have also added our staff's top picks of Sounds for acoustic worship sets.

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Top Acoustic Songs on

  1. Great Are You Lord - All Sons & Daughters

  2. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) - Hillsong United

  3. Worthy - Elevation Worship

  4. The Father's House (Acoustic) - Cory Asbury

  5. Prophesy Your Promise - Bryan and Katie Torwalt

  6. Highlands (Song of Ascent) (Acoustic) - Hillsong United

  7. Mighty Cross (Acoustic) - Elevation Worship

  8. Another in the Fire (Acoustic) - Hillsong United

  9. Here as in Heaven (Acoustic) - Elevation Worship

  10. What a Beautiful Name (Alternate Acoustic) - Hillsong Worship

  11. No Longer Slaves (Acoustic) - Bright Ones

  12. Respond - Travis Greene

  13. Never Alone (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free

  14. Do it Again (Acoustic) - Elevation Worship

  15. You Alone - North Point Worship

  16. Lover of My Soul - Jonathan McReynolds

  17. Only Wanna Sing (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free

  18. O Come to the Altar (Acoustic) - Elevation Worship

  19. Resurrecting (Acoustic) - Elevation Worship

  20. Mighty God (Another Hallelujah) - Elevation Worship

  21. This is Living (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free

  22. Overcome (Acoustic) - Elevation Worship

  23. You Are Life - Hillsong Worship

  24. Tremble / What a Beautiful Name - Phil Wickham

  25. Fullness (Acoustic) - Elevation Worship

  26. You Cannot Be Stopped - Phil Wickham

  27. Anthem / Great Are You Lord - Phil Wickham

  28. Real Love (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free

  29. Ancient of Days - Shane and Shane

  30. Behold the Lamb (Acoustic) - Passion

  31. Tu Gracia Me Alcanzo - TWICE

  32. His Mercy Is More - Shane and Shane

  33. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Shane and Shane

  34. I Will Wait For You (Psalm 130) - Shane and Shane


The MultiTracks of our Sessions recorded live in our office in Austin, Texas are also available! Here are a few of our favorites.



 Our staff's top picks of Sounds for acoustic worship sets:


Ultimate Kemper Acoustic Bundle by Anthony Catacoli

  • The Ultimate Kemper Acoustic Bundle was made by profiling some of the worlds best preamps. Rupert Neve, API, Universal Audio, and many more preamp profile and effects make this a versatile tool for creating a full and charactered sound with an acoustic on its own.

Mellow Pianos by Peter James

  • Mellow Pianos includes 7 unique and expressive pianos and effects. Built from the patch used on Hillsong Worship's "No Other Name," these pianos deliver a depth of subtlety that draws you in and compliments lower dynamic moments.

Analog Texture Ambient Pads by David Wellman
Major & Minor Ambient Guitars Pads by Leo Ceballos

  • Ambient Pads are the perfect addition to fill out the sonic space in your songs. Droning the 1st and 5th notes in every key, our wide variety of pads can add warmth, shimmer, excitement, and more to your sound. They're a great way to transition between songs and they can even be used as a music bed underneath a speaker, spiritual direction, or prayer.


Interested in using Sounds, but don't know where to start? Here are five ways you can help create moments where people can more easily encounter God:

  1. Tracks are an affordable, yet professional way to supplement your team. Blending your band with the stems from the original artist recording is a sure-fire way to elevate your sound and add in the textures usually reserved for studio recordings.

  2. Ambient Pads are atmospheric tones designed to fill out the sound of a band with any tempo or chord progression. Whether you're creating seamless transitions, laying a foundation for a stripped-down set, or gluing together a full band, Ambient Pads are a great way to fill out a song and instantly add interest. These pads contain the 1 and 5 of any key and can be played continuously throughout any song.

  3. A patch is a sound preset for your keyboard, synthesizer, DAW, drum pad, or even guitar amps or pedals. We've partnered with the original patch producers on some of the world's most popular worship songs to bring you great sounds that are simple to use. Patches allow you to bring the quality of a professional producer to both your recordings and your stage.

  4. Song Specific Patches make your keys parts sound exactly like the song. Now, one keys player can play every sound just like the original artist. Our affordable Song Specific Patches have been meticulously crafted to achieve an authentic sound and effortless playability; no third-party plug-ins required. Choose to cover some or all of the keys parts form your favorite song and enjoy the creative expression of having these song specific sounds at your fingertips.

  5. Kemper Profiles allow you to have confidence in your guitar rig every time you play with a consistent amp-like expression at any volume or venue. A Profile is a tonal copy of your favorite amp or effect and can be recalled later at the push of a button. has partnered with some of the leading guitarists in the worship space, such as Passion's Brian Carl and Hillsong's Nigel Hendroff, to bring you the most sought-after amps and tones to add to your musical arsenal.

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