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Three New Singles from All Sons & Daughters

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All Sons & Daughters drew inspiration from the lives and stories of a number of Christ-followers who have greatly impacted the world for their upcoming album Poets & Saints.  The worship duo recently released the project's first single "I Surrender," which was based on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, and now has followed up with the release of three additional songs, "This My Inheritance," "Rest In You," and "You Hold It All Together." "This My Inheritance" is a congregational anthem that was inspired by the life and words of Saint Peter in 1 Peter 1:3-12.  The duo shares that the song "marries scripture with doxology (liturgical praise) as the natural response to the glory that is ours in Christ Jesus."  The song has a relaxed hymn-like style and it rejoices that the hope we have in Christ that nothing can take away, praising the Father with heartfelt exaltation, "All praise, all praise, all praise be to God always, always and forever."  "Rest In You" was inspired by the life of Saint Augustine. Leslie Jordan says, "Culturally we live in a place of hurry and distraction, fast paced... do more, get more, produce more. Augustine had a similar life. He was very intelligent, wanted to be challenged, chased a lot of fame and money, and found himself sitting on a bench where he met Jesus. It's a beautiful story and a lot of people resonate with the need for rest."  Punctuated throughout with a rich cello, the song declares, "Our hearts are restless until they find rest in You.  This is where my hope lies, this is where my soul sighs and I will always find my rest in You." "You Hold It All Together" follows the life of Saint Patrick who spent part of his life as a slave and later returned to the land of his captors to spread the truth of Christ.  It's a beautiful song that gives Jesus our sorrows and fears and places our trust in Him to carry us through.  It acknowledges His sovereignty as it worships, "You are my strength, You are my song. You are my salvation, You hold it all together." Poets & Saints releases September 2.  Pre-order the album today on iTunes and get "I Surrender," "This My Inheritance," "Rest In You," and "You Hold It All Together" right away. Poets & Saints - All Sons & Daughters
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