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Play of the Week - "Children of God" by Phil Wickham

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We are excited to feature "Children of God" from Phil Wickham's new album, Children of God, as this week's "Play of the Week." Every week we highlight a free "Play of the Week," which gives you access to one MultiTrack in our Playback app for unlimited use for the entire week. Playback is our MultiTrack App that turns your iPad or iPhone into a simple, yet powerful MultiTrack player for all of your Original Master MultiTracks and CustomMix® content.  It is available in both a free Intro version and a paid Pro version which allows you to edit song arrangement, loop tracks in real time, and map the control of the app to a midi device.  Check out our training series, Getting Started With Playback, to learn about all of Playback's different functions.  Once you start using the app, you'll find running MultiTracks has never been so easy! Download a free copy of Playback today and you'll be able to hear the full instrumentation of "Children of God" and you can use the song in your worship service this week for free! What better way to start the week than with some new music? Children of God - Phil Wickham  
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