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NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/16/21

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Elevation Worship | Might Get Loud

"Might Get Loud" is an unreserved, energetic song co-written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, and Brandon Lake that has become a staple on Sundays at Elevation Church this year. With soaring vocals, screaming guitars and thunderous drums, the song doesn’t hold anything back. “When you know where you’d be if it weren’t for the grace of God in your life, you don’t mind shouting about it, maybe even getting a little undignified when you thank Him,” says Chris Brown. 

Ricky Dillard | Choirmaster

“I hear many ministers of music and music directors saying they want choir music,” Dillard said. “We love praise and worship music, but we want to go back to songs that choirs want to sing on Sunday morning. It’s not that praise & worship is not for congregations, but we have our own style, our own flair, our own sound, and we’d like to retain that.”

Danny Gokey | Jesus People 

"We are in times where everything is trying to pull us apart & divide us. Jesus was a figure with a longstanding voice throughout history who brought the broken and hurting together, offering hope to those who had lost their way. That is the goal for this album: stripping everything away and reminding people of the unconditional love and truth that unites us."

Central Live | City of Grace (Reimagined)

Central Live began as the worship band at Central Church, one of the largest churches in the U.S., rooted in the city of Las Vegas since 1962. With locations spanning across the U.S., Mexico, and Australia, in addition to many locations inside prisons through its partnership with God Behind Bars, Central Live uses the power of music to spread the message of Central: "It’s okay to not be okay." City of Grace (Reimagined) is available now! The EP features new versions of "You Never Let Me Go," "Give Thanks," and more. 



Saddleback Worship | I'm Coming Alive

Vineyard Worship | Vineyard Soul: The Chicago Sessions

The Worship Initiative | Vol. 27

Creative Culture Co. | Sound of Heaven

Equippers Worship | Never Let You Go

Christafari | Jireh

Motion Worship | Pure & Holy 

Chase Wagner | Midnight 

We Are Messengers | God You Are 

First Church Worship | Speak Over Me

Journey Worship Co. | Precious Jesus

Lakewood Music | Whatever May Come

Together Now | Redeemed

Village Lights | Here Is Our Hallelujah 




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