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NEW RELEASES | Week of 7/4/22

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Hillsong UNITED | Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? embodies the feeling of ‘all this future,’" says Joel Houston. “It is heavily entrenched in realizing, re-ideating, and repositioning heaven with songs birthed from a place of knowing that this part of the story is not the main part, and we have the gift of joy that is heaven no matter what our human experience is now. It’s hopeful, it feels like the sun going down on a really long day, and excitement about what tomorrow could bring even though the sun hasn’t come up yet. The journey of the album is set between the sun setting and rising. What you're leaving behind and what you're about to step into."

Planetshakers | I Know You Can

"What great confidence we can have, knowing that God is able to do anything," exclaims worship leader Joth Hunt, who wrote and leads the song inspired by Romans 8:28. "If we look back over history, we can see the amazing miracles and displays of His power. Even when it seemed like all hope was lost, God came through!"

Steven Curtis Chapman | Still

Steven shares: “These unprecedented times we have all been journeying through have stirred me deeply and this song has come from that deep place…this music is as honest as any I’ve ever written. Like the lyrics of my new song 'Still,' it’s been beautiful, and terrible, more painful and more wonderful than I ever could’ve known, and even so…Still, I’m gonna sing about the One who’s given life to me!"

Isabel Davis | I Will Rejoice

Isabel Shares: "I am so excited to release this song on MultiTracks! 'I Will Rejoice' is an energetic, celebratory song inviting listeners into a posture of praise and readiness for worship. With simple lyrics and a captivating hook, worship leaders will find this song capable of grabbing the congregation’s participation. 'I Will Rejoice' is an exuberant reminder that it is both a choice and a decision to bless the Lord."

SANCTUARY Worship | Come To Jesus

In early 2022, 25 worship leaders and writers met in Atlanta, GA for an ambitious but appointed gathering. Tasha Cobbs Leonard saw a need to provide a safe haven for worship leaders: a space to not only create, but to have authentic community and to be discipled. Over a 36-hour period, the diverse group prayed and wrote together, then immediately recorded before an intimate audience of worshippers. The need has now created a movement— SANCTUARY Worship: a place for the prophetic creative.

Gatherhouse Music | Honeycomb (Taste & See) + You Are Glorious

Gatherhouse Music is built on the gathering of the Church lifting up one name together: the name of Jesus. Committed to partnering with Heaven in day and night ministry to the heart of God through worship and prayer offerings, the Gatherhouse community is determined in the work of seeing His Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven through the life-altering love & presence of Jesus.

Equippers Worship | Fall Afresh

'Fall Afresh' is a song about our need for God and our desire for more of His presence. We pray it blesses people and helps them to connect with Jesus.”


A Jesus Church | Til Our Lungs Give Out

Andrea Olsen | I'll Sing

Bryan McCleery | He Wears a Crown

Corey Voss | Looking for the Light

CCV Music | Perspective

Comunity Music | Lighthouse

Faith Worship Arts | Greater Things (Live)

Fellowship Creative | Heaven on Earth

Eagle Brook Music | This Is My Hope

Edward Rivera | On The Move

Gregory Brunot | Here Right Now

Hope Church Worship | The Way We War


Leslie Jordan | All That I Need To Know

Erik Nieder | Better Story

Free Worship | My Soul Sings

Matthew West | Before You Ask Her

Passion | Yesterday, Today and Forever

Grace Union | Rising

K-Anthony | I Saved It All

SEU Worship | Heart Cry

Taylor Tripodi | Late Have I Loved You

Kingdom Kids | Won't Be Afraid

Matt Maher | Burning Heart of God

Sean Feucht | Key of David

Stephen McWhirter | Rapha



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