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NEW RELEASES | Week of 7/12/21

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The Recording Collective | Never Lost

Now streaming everywhere, The Recording Collective returns with a new EP, Never Lost! This release includes new recordings of "King of Kings," "Echo," "Nothing Else," "Raise A Hallelujah" and "Never Lost." Grammy-winning producer Chris Baker brings fresh gospel arrangements to these contemporary classics featuring acclaimed vocalists Charlin Neal and Onaje Jefferson.

Maverick City Music | Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition

"These lessons that I’ve learned in this year about my struggles and hardships make me feel so much closer and connected to my ancestors and guides...Being a close child of God I understand that one of my responsibilities is to always give God the glory and praise that he is due FIRST….I’m always so glad to do so." – Tamar Braxton

Church of the City | Defiant Joy

In “Send Me,” Chris McClarney leads an energetic and affirmative response to the instruction given to the church to visit orphans and widows in their affliction (James 1:27), and echoes the words of Jesus: “As you did it to...the least of these…you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40). Jon Reddick rounds out this grouping by delivering a brand new, soul-stirring arrangement of Travis Greene’s “Made A Way.”

Elevation Rhythm | SIMPLE

“There’s nothing we could buy or change about ourselves that will make God love us any more. The song says, ‘all the best things in life are free.’ That’s home, family, love, etc. and that’s what we’ve found and want young people to experience for themselves.” - Joe L. Barnes.

Justin Tweito | Risen (Rise With You)

"The resurrection of Jesus is so incredibly important to the Christian faith. Many people don’t understand it. Many people don’t believe it. But many by God’s grace have faith that it happened. This song aims to give some of those reasons in a way that not many songs have before. It’s been described as “an apologetics song.'"



Chris Renzema | Get Out of the Way of Your Own Heart

Elias Dummer | Expectation

Long Hollow Worship | This Is Revival

C3 NYC | Better Now

Citipointe Worship | The Lord's Prayer

Mitch Langley | Who My God Is

Stephen McWhirter | Choir Sessions Live (Volume One)




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