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NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/23/22

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Maverick City Music X Kirk Franklin | Bless Me

As countless unyielding voices refrain, in stacks of traditional gospel harmonies: “we’ve got everything we need.” More than anything, “Bless Me” evokes the electric, invincible feeling of being surrounded by your people and strengthened by their love.


“It’s an old school record full of stories about the faithfulness of God, His kingdom, His kindness and His mercy," says TAYA. She is most passionate about worship that points people to Jesus and her hope is to lead people to worship more authentically and passionately as they discover more about Him. Check out our interview with TAYA all about how this self-titled project is the full expression of who Jesus is to her, in her own words & melodies, for the first time ever.

Hillsong UNITED | Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? embodies the feeling of ‘all this future,’" says Joel Houston. “It is heavily entrenched in realizing, re-ideating, and repositioning heaven with songs birthed from a place of knowing that this part of the story is not the main part, and we have the gift of joy that is heaven no matter what our human experience is now. It’s hopeful, it feels like the sun going down on a really long day, and excitement about what tomorrow could bring even though the sun hasn’t come up yet. The journey of the album is set between the sun setting and rising. What you're leaving behind and what you're about to step into."

Amanda Cook | State of the Union

State of the Union looks at where we intersect with God, with each other, and with ourselves,” explains Amanda Cook. “It’s about relationship and healing the way that I relate to everything. We can’t control or manipulate anything that happens out there, the only things we can control are our thoughts and what’s in our hearts. The fact that we get to bring our thoughts to the Christ-mind is incredible. Sometimes I forget how kind he really is, and that we can sit in His love and compassion.”

SEU Worship | Tell All My Friends

SEU Worship's new single, "Tell All My Friends," talks about the good news that we have through Jesus. The song is an anthem of what it means to have a God that heals and how we should tell all our friends of His mercies. 

We The Kingdom | Miracle Power

“As the opening line of the song says, ‘This one’s for the lost and lonely.’ It’s for everyone because at the end of the day, we’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives,” We The Kingdom shares. “Miracles have a beautiful way of restoring childlike wonder back into the hearts of all of us. They leave you awestruck in a way nothing else can, and with ‘Miracle Power,’ our hope is that each ear that hears this song will let faith rise up and these lyrics sink in a bit deeper with each listen.”

Gable Price & Friends | If I'm Being Honest

"If I'm Being Honest... is fantastic in all aspects. Gable Price and Friends have an innate ability to blend wonderful melodies with danceable rhythms and impressive alternative and indie pop music."

The Worship Initiative | Refuge

“The song ‘Refuge’ was written during a season of loss within our local Church. It quickly became both a lament that allowed us to express our pain, but also an anthem helping us declare the truth of God over our lives.”


Citizens | Everything and More

Local Sound | To The King

Free Worship | Bless Some More

ICF Worship | Here's to the One We Love

Reawaken Hymns | Hymns of the son

Ryan Ellis | Gonna Be Alright

Rend Collective | Plans

The Belonging Co | This Far

Worship Together Kids | Songs of the Bible II

The McClures | I Belong To Jesus

The Worship Coalition | I Want To (Holy)

Unspoken | Hard Times

The Worship Initiative | Gratitude



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