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NEW RELEASES | Week of 1/17/22

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Elevation Worship | Same God

Elevation Worship's new single "Same God" from their upcoming record is now available! "We hope you're reminded that the Lord 'keeps his covenant of love to a thousand generations.' The same God who gave David courage to face Goliath fights for you today. The God that answered prayers and provided for His children back then is the same God we serve today. He’s trustworthy. His track record proves it. So we can have confidence that His love toward us will never run out or change."

Hillsong UNITED | On Repeat

“The simplicity of the Gospel works itself out daily in tangible and significant ways,” says UNITED’s Joel Houston. “In our lives there’s a parallel of grace being on repeat, and then praise being on repeat as our response to God’s grace. It’s so simple yet profound and encourages me to believe that God’s going to give me the grace, so I’m going to give Him the praise knowing that He’s going to give me the grace again. I think that’s true for anybody anywhere, regardless of their story, what season they’re in, or how life looks like - and I pray it never gets lost on us.”

Isabel Davis | We Lift Our Worship

We are so excited to welcome Billboard Gospel-charting artist Isabel Davis!

With a ministry built on the love of God, support of family and passion for worship, Isabel has emerged as a worship leader called to the nations. Her anointing to activate the power of the presence of God from store-front ministries to global stages to recording studio booths and every platform in between paves the way for authentic worship encounters. Her latest single "We Lift Our Worship" is now available!

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser | The Land I'm Livin' In

Captured over three days, The Land I’m Livin’ In is an album filled with the spontaneous, raw and personal moments of adoration that have marked the Helsers’ worship since the beginning. From the passionate surrender of “I am Your Beloved” to the explosive joy found in “I Can’t Get Away” and the confident declaration of “Sound Mind”, this album is an authentic expression of what God has been doing in a community for more than twenty years. The first 5 songs are now available!

SEU Worship | You Are Good

SEU Worship, a worship movement from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL, is confident in bringing the sounds of pop music into their worship services, knowing that simultaneously they are bringing worship into the pop world. It is the mixing of tradition with the future. Their lastest single "You Are Good" featuring Chelsea Plank is now available!

Brandon Heath | See Me Through It

“We all walk through difficult seasons in our lives. That’s definitely nothing new, but one thing that is particularly unique about right now is that we all seem to have a very similar challenge. And for some of us, it feels like rock bottom. But, we can know what Rock we’re standing on, and He’s not going anywhere. So, stand tall fam. No matter how lost we feel or how difficult things get, He sees us where we are, and He’s going to see us through it.”


Brian Doerksen | Everlasting Arms

Chandler & Maria Letner | Home

Mark Barlow | Hymns & Soul

Sarah Téibo | Belongs to You

Switch | Letting Go

Meredith Andrews | Make Room

29:11 Worship | Sinners & Saints

North Point Worship | Deliverer

Shaylee Simene | Hear Me Out




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