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New MultiTracks from ResLife Worship - "Come And Worship"

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We are pleased to bring you the MultiTracks for "Come and Worship" from ResLife Worship's 2015 release, Higher.  Reflecting the mission and purpose of Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, MI, ResLife Worship seeks to develop committed followers of Jesus Christ to reach the world.  "Come and Worship" is a congregational anthem that encourages believers to pour out their adoration to Jesus and celebrate the saving grace He displayed through His sacrifice on the cross. The song testifies of the way Jesus has redeemed us and anticipates the moment when we will rise to join Him and sing our praises with all of Heaven.   It invites all to gather together to worship the Savior, "Come and worship the King.  Come and praise His holy name.  Lift your voices and sing.  Come and worship the King."   "Come and Worship" is definitely an uplifting song that promotes a unified offering of worship to our worthy King. Be sure to check out all the songs from Higher, now available on iTunes! Come and Worship - ResLife Worship
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