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New MultiTracks Available from Ever Early by Wellhouse

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Wellhouse is a worship band that ministers out of The Well in Abilene, Texas.  With a heart to bring praise to Jesus' name through intimate corporate worship and a lively, congregational sound, they have released their debut album, Ever Early. We are excited to bring you the MultiTracks for three great new songs from this project, "Mercy Falls," "Anchor," and "Anxious For Nothing." "Mercy Falls" invites the presence of God and a expresses a longing for a deepening intimacy with Him. It acknowledges that He is the One who saves and it praises Him for His great mercy, singing, "Your mercy falls from heaven. It springs up like a well and gives water to my soul. Now I will thirst no more. Wrap your arms around me, gathered ones surround me. And you forgave us all. Our price was paid in full. "Anchor" examines the hope we have in a powerful God who leads us and calms the storms that rage in our lives. It proclaims a steadfast faith in Him, "All my hope is found in You and Your light is breaking through. Captured by one simple truth, You're my Savior, You're the anchor!" "Anxious For Nothing" draws from Jesus's words in Matthew 6 to remind us to keep our focus on God and to seek Him first.  It praises His faithfulness and declares, "I will be anxious for nothing. Whatever's in front of me, I trust You. I will be anxious for nothing. I put my eyes on You, I put my eyes on You. If you're looking for some great new congregational anthems to add to your setlists, we encourage you to check out this new album from Wellhouse. Ever Early is now available on iTunes. Download your copy today! Ever Early - Wellhouse
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