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NEW from Meredith Andrews - "A Million Saints" & "Faith And Wonder"

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Today we are releasing two new singles from Meredith Andrews, "A Million Saints" and "Faith And Wonder". Meredith Andrews says of "A Million Saints": "This song is about the global church, lifting one voice with one heart. It’s a picture of heaven, all of us joining in and singing, “God, You’re holy.” Not just about one person or one community, it’s the church of the world, all nations and all generations singing the same song, lifting up one name." Andrews continues with a story about "Faith And Wonder": "Jacob and I were in Dallas and had the opportunity to write this song with Cody Ray Lee and Abbie Simmons from UPPERROOM. Abbie has such an incredible and unique voice and the lyrics of this song speak to my heart in a special way. It’s about the power in Jesus’s name, living life full of faith and wonder and never becoming comfortable in our faith." Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for "A Million Saints" and "Faith And Wonder" are now available. Meredith Andrews - "A Million Saints" & "Faith And Wonder"
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