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New EP from 10,000 Fathers - Adventure, EP 2

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The creative team from Atlanta-based worship school 10,000 Fathers has released the second of their 3-EP Adventure Project.  This new release, Adventure, EP 2, introduces 5 new songs that their community has been recording and releasing over the last few years and reflect a heart of adventure that comes in walking with Jesus.  "These songs are humble expressions of our worship and what we believe to be another step in the adventure for the church and communities world wide," the team writes.  They share that they hope that their songs of worship and the greater story of the Gospel would transcend beyond their reach and bless people and churches from all nations. "I Found a Love" draws from the words of Psalm 139 as it examines the faithfulness of God's love and rejoices that it is a love from which we can never be parted.  A warm string line underscores the song and a light folk style gives it a certain intimacy, as worshipers are led to lift their voices and proclaim, "I found a love that I can't outrun.  I found a love and it won't give up.  I found a love that lifts me up.  I found a love that I can't outrun.  "Nowhere I Can Run" explores the same theme and passage, rejoicing that Jesus is always with us, praising, "There's nowhere I can run from Your spirit. There's nowhere I can flee from Your presence.  There's nowhere I can hide from You, Jesus. You are always here, You are always here."  "Only Hope" voices our dependence on Jesus, and recounts all the ways He has been there for us, offering His guidance, comfort, and grace.  The chorus declares His faithfulness, singing, "All my questions are answered in Your presence.  When I cannot reach You, You reach for me.  When I run, You pursue me.  You restore my soul, You renew me.  You are my one and only hope." Adventure, EP 2 is now available on iTunes - check out all the songs and download your copy today.  You can also purchase Adventure, EP 1 and pre-order the 3rd installment which is set to release in October. Adventure, EP 2- 10,000 Fathers
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