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MultiTracks Now Available from Resonance by Radiate

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Radiate is a worship team from Bergen, Norway whose latest album Resonance was birthed out of a desire to create a worship album that would inspire and challenge both Christians and non-Christians alike.  The team writes, "The sound and music we have created with Resonance was a deliberate strategic move to underline our vision for the album in its whole – to reach both those who are familiar with worship, and those who are not. Our goal is to shorten the gap between the church and streets as much as possible."  With a modern EDM sound and songs both in Norwegian and English, Resonance is a unique album that will draw people in with its sound and introduce them to what it means to live a life in discipleship of Jesus. "Always Run" praises God's great love for us and recognizes the way He has transformed our lives.  With a dynamic sound and a driving beat, the song will have worshipers pouring out their adoration as they rejoice in God's faithfulness, singing, "You will never fail.  Your promises remain.  I can always run to You, I can always run to You."  The album includes both a live and a studio version of "Wildfire," which examines the way Jesus' love and mercy has awakened new life in us and encourages us to turn around and show His love to others.  The song is intense and the chorus catchy and it praises, "Your love it spreads like a wildfire.  You're alive in us, You're alive in us!"  "Tune of His Glory" recounts the way Jesus found us when we needed Him most and heard us even when we were far from Him.  Recognizing just how much we need Him, the chorus boldly professes our decision to follow Him, declaring, "I can't live without You.  I won't live without You." Resonance will definitely appeal to people who love to worship to a bold synth-driven sound.  It is now available on iTunes.  Check out the entire album today - download your own copy. Resonance - Radiate
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