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MultiTracks Now Available from "Have It All" by Bethel Music

"Have It All" is the first live recording from Bethel Music since their 2012 release, For the Sake of the World.  It features 14 new songs that they hope will inspire believers to embrace the path of following Christ with whole-hearted devotion.  This passion is reflected in the lyrics from the title track: "You can have it all Lord, every part of my world. Take this life and breathe on this heart that is now yours." Jenn Johnson shares, “I think God’s calling the Church to be all in—nothing hidden, completely surrendered, going for it, and sold out.  I think it’s a message that’s woven throughout this whole album… it’s a theme that weaves throughout all of our songs and definitely all of our lives.” We had the privilege of hearing a number of these new songs last month when Bethel Music stopped here in Austin, TX for their "Worship Nights" tour.  "Son of God" is a powerful anthem that takes people to the Cross where Jesus gave His life for us.  It encourages all to come to Him and worship Him for His incredible mercy and grace, "The Son of God high and lifted up.  The Father's love came pouring down for us.  He has overcome.  The spotless lamb for for every sinner, slain.  Our victory, our hope beyond the grave.  He has overcome." "Spirit Move" invites God to pour His Spirit out over us and with a great sense of anticipation, it claims God's promises and eagerly seeks His presence, "We are fixed on this one thing, to know Your goodness and see Your glory.  We're transformed by this one thing, to know Your presence and see Your beauty!"  "Lion and the Lamb" celebrates the might of our great God, rejoicing in His power, and triumph over sin.  Asking "Who can stop the Lord Almighty," it looks ahead to His return when everyone will bow down in worship, "Our God is the Lion, the Lion of Judah.  He is roaring with power and fighting our battles and every knee will bow before Him.  Our God is the lamb, the lamb that was slain.  For the sins of the world, His blood breaks the chains and every knee will bow before the lion and the lamb.  Every knee will bow before Him!" Have It All is a statement of surrender and hunger to not just bring an offering of praise, but to become a living sacrifice of worship.  Written from a combination of personal journeys that carried a common thread, the vulnerability, honesty and resilience behind this project will encourage individuals and communities. We encourage you to check out all the songs from this new album, now available worldwide on iTunes! Have It All - Bethel Music
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