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MultiTracks Available from Stars Go Dim

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We are excited to bring you the Original Master MultiTracks for the 2015 self-titled release from Tulsa-based band Stars Go Dim, including their popular single, "You Are Loved," a pop-style anthem that brings listeners a timeless message of God's unconditional love.  Lead singer Chris Cleveland shares, "This song is such a simple message, you are loved, but it’s a message that our culture desperately desperately needs to hear. I believe God made us for a purpose, and I believe he made us on purpose...I believe that he loves us just as we are right where we are." The album also includes such songs as "Walking Like Giants" and Stars Go Dim's new congregational arrangement of the "Doxology." "I wanted to take a song that was formidable, had deep theology, historical significance and was something people knew, and I wanted to do it in a way that my modern congregation could sing it, relive and own in their hearts," Chris explains.  Check out Stars Go Dim today on iTunes and share these songs with your congregations. Stars Go Dim
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