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Sometimes, the decision to stop…starts everything.

It’s exactly the situation Chris Cleveland found himself in when the previous iteration of his band Stars Go Dim came to a close. What started out as a simple side project, became a successful recording and touring entity, all while Cleveland maintained his “day job” working as a worship leader at a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the original SGD began to fade, everyday life became more and more integrated into Cleveland’s reality and norm – marriage, two kids, a steady job – a sense of newness and contentment. While Chris knew that music would always be a part of his life, in the stillness of the moment, when touring was no longer his career, he was more able to get focused on the role music would and should have in his life moving forward.

And that’s when everything started.

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Stars Go Dim - Better

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Stars Go Dim frontman Chris Cleveland shares his heart behind his sophomore project Better. "The past few years have been full of transition, pain, hurt, redemption, joy, love... full of life. I hope that’s what you hear when you listen to these songs. It’s just me being honest about what was happening at the time. I’m grateful for each moment and I’m grateful for the journey my family and I have been on in life and how that’s been expressed through these songs. My hope is that you can enjoy these songs in any season of life you might be in and know that on the other side of faith is joy and the life we were meant to live. A BETTER life." Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources are now available!

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