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MIDI Mapping with Playback & Ableton Live

In this video Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett shows you how to use a MIDI controller to control Playback Pro and Ableton Live. You'll see how easy it is to use your favorite MIDI controller to control Playback Pro. Then you'll see how you can MIDI map a controller in Ableton Live and the settings and options you need to be aware of. **For more Ableton Live Training, check out this Playlist ** **For more Playback Training check out this Playlist** 1-IK Multimedia IRig Pads 2-Playback Intro 3-Playback Pro 4-USB Camera Connection Kit 5-USB to Lighting 6-Ableton Live Intro 7-Ableton Live Standard 8- Ableton Live 9 Suite 9-Korg NanoKontrol2
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