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Cross Music - VaShawn Mitchell

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Celebrating his 20th anniversary as a recording artist, acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer VaShawn Mitchell recently released a new EP entitled Cross Music. This collection of songs aims to draw the listener into a deeper connection with Christ’s crucifixion, offering new, yet contextually rich music for churches and congregations to sing together. The lead single from the project is the powerful ballad “You Took The Nails,” which conveys gratitude for the sacrifice of the cross and what that means in the life of believers. “Took My Place” follows as a song of thanksgiving with an infectious, driving beat. Always an artist known to push new and emerging talent, Mitchell introduces the fresh sound of newcomer Randy Weston with “He Rose.” Mitchell began his career in gospel music as a celebrated choir director in churches throughout the Chicago area. “He Got Up” takes us back to that vintage choir sound that long-standing VaShawn Mitchell fans will recognize and enjoy. Cross Music closes with “A Cross 4 Everyone,” which artfully challenges the traditional observations of the cross and encourages listeners to re-examine their appreciation of what the sacrifice at Calvary represents. Download Cross Music today on iTunes and pick up the worship leading resources as you share these songs with your congregations. Cross Music - VaShawn Mitchell
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