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Based in Birmingham, UK, husband and wife worship leaders Nick and Becky Drake serve atSt. Luke’s Gas Street under Reverend Tim Hughes, himself a renowned songwriter and worship leader. Nick and Becky are sought-after teachers of the practices and theology of all age worship and are an integral part of the Worship Central resource/training platform that serves worship teams across the globe. They launched ‘Worship For Everyone’ in 2010 -a movement to unite all ages in worship, writing songs for churches, homes and schools and a new way of thinking about corporate worship. It is the fruit ofthe realisation that it is about time to bring down the barriers between what is considered ‘for children’ and ‘for adults’ and instead build the family of God. ‘Worship For Everyone’ is founded on the songs the couple have written together over the years; the genesis of this project was the album Big Family Of God (2008) and carried on till their third release in 2012, UNIQUE, expressing their vision and marking the beginning of a new chapter to advance the values of ‘Worship For Everyone.’ Nick & Becky recently releases a series of new singles. As part of this quest to reshape the church’s understanding and expression of all age worship, Nick is also doing doctoral research on the theology of charismatic worship. He is the author of ‘A Deeper Note: the informal theology of sung worship’. Becky is also a School Chaplain and together they have 4 children, who, along with Nick & Becky run a weekly Facebook live show called ‘Family At 4’.

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Play of the Week - "City on a Hill" by Nick & Becky Drake

Monday, October 26, 2015

We are excited to feature Nick and Becky Drake's latest single, "City on a Hill" as this week's "Play of the Week."

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