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Wilder was born out of the belief that Humanity belongs in our worship. The christian life is not one of perfectly paved sidewalks, but of mountains and valleys. Into the dark woods and back out into the sun again. But the sunlight isn’t all that belongs.

Everything is worship. Our tears, in joy and in sorrow. Our mourning, as well as our dancing. And if we allow our hearts to truly believe all of this, then it is not one side of humanity that belongs. It is Humanity in its entirety. Every tribe, every nation under heaven, worshipping the maker together. Unified.
These songs were written out of community of celebrated diversity. Every stitch in the fabric of who we are as a band reflects it. We are grateful for it. We are in need of it. And in troubled times such as these, we hope these songs can serve a need. If what we have created is just a product, then we have failed. Our heart is that these songs will be medicine.

That’s why we chose the name WILDER. We want to break the boxes that we’ve built around the different sounds of our worship and who can participate. Because we believe God is Wilder than that. He has no borders. No boundaries. Every heart is welcome.

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