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Ty and Daneen Bottler are worship leaders and speakers based out of Portland, Oregon. They carry a message of transformation through encountering God’s presence. Both Ty and Daneen walk in an apostolic / prophetic anointing that brings people, churches and regions into alignment with the heart of the Father, by understanding their true identity. Their message is a call for God’s sons and daughters to rise up into the callings, purposes and destiny that the Lord has for them. It is a call to display the glory of the Lord wherever they set their feet, so that the prophetic declaration of Habakkuk 2:14, that paints a picture of the knowledge of the glory of God covering the earth, as water on the sea, will continue to be fulfilled.

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MultiTracks Now Available from Revealed by Ty & Daneen Bottler

Friday, April 7, 2017

Revealed is the latest album from Portland-Oregon based worship leaders Ty and Daneen Bottler and it issues a call to all of God's children to know who they are in Christ and walk in their God-given authority to bring Heaven to Earth.  The husband and wife duo share, "It's through worship to the Lord and intimacy with Him that brings proper alignment to every corner of the Earth. All of creation is eagerly awaiting for the Father's children to display the knowledge of His glory. To Him be glorified forever!"  The songs on Revealed share timeless truths of who God is as in "Everything You Do Is Good," "You Make All Things New," and "You Gave It All" which would make a great addition to any Easter setlist as it examines what Christ did for us on the Cross and offers Him our most heartfelt gratitude and praise.  "Rest In You" is another standout that reverently praises our God who is always with us, with lyrics straight from the Psalms.  We encourage you to download your own copy of Revealed today, now available on iTunes!

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