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Transform is a Worship / EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Band from Denver, Colorado, USA.

Transform’s beginnings started with founders Jonathan Burgess and Tim Heil as an outreach that reached the rave and club scene, a culture practically untouched by the church. After much success, and adding new band members, Angela Burgess and Lorna Heil, Transform emerged as a Pop influenced, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) band (act). With their endless energy, voices for justice, and hearts for worship, they fill the atmosphere with sounds that combine various genres, from house, to rap infused pop songs, to melodic trance anthems. Today, through their music, voices for justices, and hearts for worship, Transform continues to reach young people, all around the world, by using music as their platform to inspire life---eternal life, pre-born life, and a love for life in a relationship with an all powerful loving Savior.

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