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The Quiet Science has always used music as a vehicle for their stories. Stories of loss and hopelessness,of redemption and renewal. But where do those stories end? The stories were always meant to bring the listener to this very place. A place of worship. That's why, for The Quiet Science, their third full-length album was a natural progression from “Dark Words on Dark Wings”. Where DWODW was the dark of night, "The Rekindling of the Stars" is the dawn. The main theme of the third album is restoration.

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MultiTracks Now Available from The Rekindling of the Stars by The Quiet Science

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Rekindling of the Stars is the latest album from Space Coast electro rock band, The Quiet Science.  This project is the band's third full-length and most lyrically worship-driven album to date and was recently featured on Relevant Magazine's The Drop.  The Quiet Science's unique sound blends ethereal ambience with driving beats and melodic synth lines, all coming together to lay a foundation for the album's core message of restoration.  Frontman Nathan Walter says, “We have always shaped our songs to tell honest stories of life - the good and the bad. Stories that always end in redemption and renewal.  Our songs typically end in a place of worship, but at this time in our lives, we wanted to create a project that was purely worship, focused on restoration. A worship album that could be deeply personal for the individual, but one that could also be sung in a community setting."

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