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2018 Juno Award winners, The Color, are a Christian Pop band from Canada. Bonafide road warriors, the band has toured North America extensively for the past 8 years and have garnered success with their singles ‘Surprise’ and ‘The Kind Of Man’, which both charted in the Top 50 on Billboard’s CCM Audience Airplay (Surprise at #27 & The Kind Of Man at #42).

Boasting an energetic live show and songs that emanate hope, The Color was named 2017 & 2018 Group and Artist of the Year at the Gospel Music Association ‘Covenant Awards’.

Originating from the small town of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, Jordan Janzen and James Shiels began The Color after a season in life when they thought they were letting go of their music dreams. Following some spiritually transformative years, Jordan and James both entered into full-time ministry in 2009. Jordan as a youth pastor and James a summer camp director. Both Jordan and James dove into full-time ministry with the intention of fully embracing where God had them, while still maintaining their friendship.

Having been given the freedom to connect weekly, for accountability, they began to process what God was teaching them and share about the joys, hardships and life-changing stories within their ministries. These experiences soon began to inspire new songs. Songs about hope in the midst of life’s toughest times and songs that celebrate who God is through those times. It was here that The Color came to life. God brought things full circle. What Jordan and James both thought was a calling away from music turned out to be a time of preparation for a ministry in music. “It’s amazing how half a decade of learning to serve and love people will change you,” Jordan points out.

The guys decided to make a record with the songs they had written and, with a desire to begin spreading the music and cover their costs, they put a band together and hit the road. Enter Larry Abrams on lead guitar and Tyson Unrau on the drums. “God has been so faithful in bringing the right people to be a part of the team, at the right time.” explains James. “Larry began right from the start of our touring and when Tyson joined us, a little later, it felt like God was putting the final pieces together.”

It doesn’t take long to recognize that The Color brings an energy and authenticity, both with their music and personalities, that quickly draws people in. “The thought behind the name ‘The Color’ comes from the idea that color brings life to the world around us.” Larry shares. “That is what we want to do with our lives and music. We want to bring life and a message of hope that we know can only be found in Jesus Christ.”

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