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The Bright Expression are a UK based indie worship band who offer a uniquely eclectic sound. Musically they marry together modern influences with vintage tones. Lyrically they push boundaries and offer a fresh perspective on corporate worship. At the core you’ll find a group of friends who are deeply passionate about pursuing the nearness of God and creating an atmosphere where others can do the same. They hope to invite listeners to engage and become part of the journey.

The band formed in 2013 after regularly playing together at a worship event in Southampton called ‘Fire on the hill’. Shortly after the event came to a natural end the band started leading worship primarily in the local area of Southampton and Portsmouth.

Work started on the debut album ‘Bone by Bone’ in 2014. Many of the songs that would eventually end up on the album having been birthed in the spontaneous and prophetic moments of the worship events that they were leading at.

The band were keen to find a producer who could capture the prophetic and live sound in the studio. It was a group trip to a cinema in late 2014 when the band were discussing if they could record the album anywhere and with any producer who would it be? Unanimously the band decided it would have to be Gabriel Wilson at the Soundhouse studio in Redding, CA.

Soon afterwards, Leigh Patching started to be mentored by Gabriel after he posted a message on WorshipU stating that he was looking to do some song-writing sessions. After hearing some rough demo’s that were recorded he proposed that the band come out to Redding, California and record the debut album ‘Bone by Bone’ at the Soundhouse studio. Without hesitation the band got to work writing more content for the album.

They started a pledge campaign in January 2015 which raised enough money to cover the initial deposits for the album and set about to raise the rest of the mo- ney independently. Thanks to some incredible friends and support from the local community the money for the project was paid and the band set out in July to record their debut album.

The first single from the album ‘Gravity’ was released on 16th October 2014 with a lyric video. The album ‘Bone by Bone’ was released on 9th March 2015.

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