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From addiction to redemption, from meth addict to worship leader, Stephen McWhirter’s powerful testimony is one of radical restoration. Over eleven years of rebellion and addiction. A childhood marked by seeing his earthly father, a traveling evangelist, be one man behind a pulpit and another at home. Eventually, he wanted nothing to do with Christianity, to the point of cussing people out if they even mentioned the name Jesus, around him. He only saw the Lord through a broken lens.
He decided that him if God is real then He’s not good.

However, Stephen miraculously accepted a book about Jesus from a friend, and one night, at 3am, He set in a bed reading the book, with drugs next to him, on the side table. As he read, he was acutely aware of the presence of God, in the room. They began to have an internal dialogue, where the Lord said He was real, good, and had a purpose for Stephen’s life. He knew now the Lord was real and good, but couldn’t
imagine how to quiet the life of addiction he had known for so long. In a moment, with a thought more powerful than words, he felt the Lord speak into him, something that changed him forever, “You don’t have to do it alone, because I will do it!” and in that moment, Stephen took God at His word, and gave his life to Jesus. He had come to personally and intimately know God as Savior, as the One who calls the dead from the tomb, to take off their Grave Clothes, to leave behind what is dead, and put on the
fulness of life.

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Stephen McWhirter - "Grave Clothes"

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Stephen Mcwhirter's debut single, “Grave Clothes” is a declaration and powerful anthem, calling us to take off what is dead and put on the fullness of life, in Christ. Stephen, who was formerly one of the prominent songwriters and voices for Iron Bell Music, has a powerful testimony of being radically restored from meth addict to worship leader, after encountering the One who called him from the tomb, removing his Grave Clothes, and putting on resurrection. Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for “Grave Clothes” are now available!

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