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Seeker & Servant is simply a band that strives to make deep worship music from their hearts for the glorification of Jesus Christ. Their sole purpose is to proclaim the Gospel through their music. This is very evident from every lyric that is heard from their debut album, Into Your Love, I Go. Their songs stem from their own personal relationship with Christ. They sing of the hard times and the good times of walking with the Lord and fighting the good fight. It’s vulnerable music that can easily relate to anyone who is striving to a life devoted to Christ.

Seeker & Servant is Cameron, Chandler, and Kody. They hail from Jackson, MS. Cameron and Kody are both married. Cameron has two children. The band spends their time filming, doing graphic design, and producing music. They are active in their local church and lead worship for the congregation from time to time. Their main heartbeat is to bring glory to God in whatever they do and to be obedient to wherever God would have them. They plan to release their follow-up album sometime in late 2015.

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