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If you ever find yourself sitting across from singer and songwriter Sean Curran, he’ll explain to you- with a humble yet confident tone- that everything he creates is rooted in the process of sitting with God to sort things out. Ever since Curran picked up a guitar for the first time, he has been learning how to talk with God through music and as a result has crafted songs that so many worshippers are singing today.

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Sean Curran | "Catch Me Singing"

Friday, October 30, 2020

Singer/songwriter and worship leader Sean Curran shares about his new song, "a hard prayer to say is usually a good prayer to say." Original Master MultiTracks for "Catch Me Singing" are now available! This song powerfully sings outs, "I will trust You in the famine / I will bless You in the feast / When I’m standing in Your victory / When I’m on my knees / I will praise You with the rising / And the setting sun / You’re gonna catch me singing / When the springtime comes."

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