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Raquel Kerr Borin is a Brazillian/American worship leader, singer and songwriter. She has a passion for worship that gives people language and anointing to connect with the Presence of God.

She released her first EP Coming Home in 2016 with original songs of intimidate love for God. Since then, she’s written many others as her and her husband, Marcelo have started Soundwave, worship ministry that connects the Church at large to gather and seek the manifest Presence of God.

Her father, Guilherme Kerr has written many known songs for the church in Brazil. Raquel has been singing with her family since she was a little girl. As a teenager she was personally impacted by the Vineyard Movement and was led to join YWAM in Kona, Hawaii. Her spirit soared through many experiences with the Holy Spirit.

In 1999 she moved to South Florida, where she’s been living since. She’s married to Marcelo Borin, and had 3 amazing boys, David, Daniel and Andre.

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