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Spirit of God (Acoustic)
Spirit of God (Acoustic)


Kellie & Kristen Fuselier are a team of twin sisters who have been traveling and leading worship since they were 16 years old. Kellie, a Licensed Master of Social Work, and Kristen, who has a degree in Christian Studies, hold their passion in seeing and leading the Church to draw nearer to the Lord by way of worship and the Word. After completing their degrees, Kellie & Kristen decided to devote their lives and hearts to reaching out and worshiping with the Church all over the world. Together they seek to the spread the gospel of Jesus and share the truth of God’s love through worship, praise, and music. They are based out of Nashville, TN and have traveled to many states and countries. Over the years, they have led at various churches, camps, retreats, concerts, and conferences.

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Kellie & Kristen - In the Name

Friday, May 24, 2019

Victory - the overcoming of an enemy; the achievement of mastery or success in a struggle against odds or difficulties. No one is a stranger to struggles and difficulties. Every one of us have come face to face with a giant, one that is standing tall and taunting us, attempting to convince us that what we are facing is impossible. These giants can take the form of fear, doubt, circumstance, and uncertainty. When staring these giants in the eye, we all have but one desire: to be victorious. We long for the moment when we overcome. We pray for the day when our fear is surrendered. We ask God to give us strength to continue fighting and we stand firm in the hope that God will come through. But what do we do when the staring contest with these giants lasts longer than we could have imagined?

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