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Joshua DuFrene is a natural leader. As an associate worship leader of three years at Covenant Church in Carrollton, Texas, Josh has honed his ability to hear and follow the voice of God through his music – bringing anyone within earshot to an experience of passionate and powerful worship. Born into a musical family, writing and producing is essentially a birthright for Josh and he is on his way to being a staple in the songbook of the modern church.

Josh has already enjoyed much success from one of his earliest songs, “Heaven On Earth,” co-written with David Binion and John Brockman. This song has garnered acclaim along the music industry standards of record sales, radio airplay, and covers by prominent gospel artists; but more importantly, “Heaven On Earth” has been sung as an anthem by the body of Christ worldwide. Josh has shared the stage with artists ranging from Israel Houghton to Switchfoot, and always brings a fresh element to the atmosphere onstage. With his first solo album, “Be Lifted High,” Josh has both captured the attention of music industry professionals and changed the hearts of thousands who have heard this album. Josh lives with his wife and new baby boy in Dallas, Texas; he is a leader in his family, his church, and his generation.

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