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Look What God Has Done
Look What God Has Done


Ghost Ship is a deeply-rooted Americana folk band with a church-centered focus. With influences from Savannah, to Stillwater, to the band’s birthplace of Seattle in 2008, Ghost Ship’s sound has maintained its southern charm while including aspects of pop influences. Their well-received debut album The Good King, along with EPs A River With No End and Ghost Ship Live, were released through Mars Hill Music. Mars Hill Church dissolved at the end of 2014, but Ghost Ship continues to do what they've always felt called to do: lead worship and write music that points to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Huxford says that one of the big lessons he learned from the fall of Mars Hill is that "organizations and leaders rise and fall, but Jesus' church will continue forever." In June, Ghost Ship released their new EP, Costly, with BEC Recordings. Their full length of the same name is set to release later this year.

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Ghost Ship - "To the End"

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

To The End is Ghost Ship’s third full length record. The album tells the story of God’s unending love for His people through the lens of time: He loved us in our past, He loves us now, and He’ll love us for eternity. To The End is written from the perspective of our need for restoration and God’s ability to provide it both now and for forever. The songs were written over a four year period of brokenness and healing, with each song accessing a different snapshot of God speaking into despair and providing hope.

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