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This is Gateway Youth Music! Sounds created right out of the heart of Gateway Church Australia. Each year, a collective of songwriters and creatives, spearheaded by worship leaders Michael Best and Bethany Bolmers, get together to write and produce new worship songs with a singular capture and sound track the heart of God for their annual youth camp, Camp No Fear. However, it’s impact i Read More ...

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New from Gateway Youth Music - Weightless

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Weightless is the latest release from Australian group, Gateway Youth Music. More of a songwriting collective and a worship team than a traditional band, Gateway Youth Music began releasing EPs of original praise and worship music annually in 2011 and have since gone on to see their songs taken up by churches around the globe. “Every year we really try to laser in on what God wants to specifically say to our church community and the kids that come through our youth ministry and the sounds and production styles flow on from there,” lead songwriter Michael Best explains. Following an overarching theme of surrender, “Weightless” draws from Jesus’ words in Matthew 11 to live freely and lightly by finding rest in him; “Less Of Me” speaks of needing God to inhabit and redeem every part of our life and “The Answer” simply places Jesus as the all sufficient way truth and life and draws the listener towards his mercy. Weightless is now available for download and streaming through iTunes and Spotify, as well as resources for churches and youth ministries available exclusively through

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